Moi Même!

Ciao! I’m Krysta, I’m 20 years old and your typical northerner who loves the outdoors, but I’ve got a heart full of all things cultural. My hometown is Thunder Bay, Ontario, about 17 hours from Toronto if you drive. There, I was brought up in the world of fishing, boating, hunting, hockey, watersports, lacrosse and camping or as I call it “Glamping” (Me in a tent would be a terrible idea lol.) I first discovered city life last year, and although a huge change, I can’t picture myself anywhere else as a student.

I’m in my third year of French Studies at Glendon and I added the D-TEIL certificate under the Linguistics department to my degree as well, hoping for some international experiences after I graduate! My ultimate goal is to become a French Teacher- I love the fulfilling feeling after helping others, and languages are the best way to learn the world, so why not teach them?! I figured out my desired path after a CEEF exchange to Brive La Gaillarde, France nearly three years ago, and the Explore Program at La Cité Collegiale in Ottawa reassured me that I’m on the right track.

This year I’m a commuter student living in an apartment with my tbay roommate Vince, discovering the world of bike commuting. Last year I lived with a great group of friends following my first year in residence, so if you have questions about any of it, let me know! I’m a music lover and always up for a good time (after studying of course.) Cooking and baking (and eating) are some of my favourite things, as well as walks around new neighborhoods and meeting new people.

Leadership, Bullying Prevention and Education Reinvention are my academic passions and I hope to pursue them during my University and Professional career.

That’s just a bit…a lot about me, shoot me a message if you have any questions or just want to chat!

bisous, krysta




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