The Lowdown on GLOWEEK16

I know it's like a month after Frosh started (haha oops) but I have been sooooo busy! Assignments galore, midterms happening, and I actually came home for the Thanksgiving break to spend a little time with my family. But I still want to talk about Frosh week! Britney (another amazing eambassador) as well as Adams … Continue reading The Lowdown on GLOWEEK16



HEY EVERYONE!!!! So if any of you have the Glendon Campus on snapchat (@glendoncampus) you'd know I've taken over the last 2 weeks because Junie came!!! If you've read my previous post Pourquoi j'ai choisi l'échange, you'll know exactly who Junie is, and why she means so much to me. After a long two years I … Continue reading Reunited