A Thank-you to My Roommates

So this year, if you’ve been following my adventures and blogs, I lived with 5 other girls. 4 from Glendon and one from Ryerson, and at times it was tough, but other times was the most fun I’ve ever had.

Move in day was honestly like no other. We all arrived, looked at this disgusting student apartment and wondered what would we do with this place and how would we live here for 8 whole months? Our first instinct was to make a wine rack trip and shoppers trip for cleaning supplies and just clean the entire place. To this day that was one of the best nights, just so much laughing and catching up after the summer was over.

Frosh started the year out on a great note, where Justyce, Kristen, Kate and I all bonded over waking up so early, listening to trash rap on the subway on our way to Glendon, and all messaging in a group chat about how hungry we were.  Never mind, our falling asleep in Wonderland occurrence.


Kristen and I started our Song of the week which became something that lasted the entire year. It was basically a way for us to annoy Kate by repeating the same songs, and started during Frosh when we had “For Free by DJ Khaled” on replay.

Once the school year started, we all began to work part-time jobs, and started studying. We started having study dates, movie nights, late night de-stress dancing, taco dinners, nights at Crews & Tangos down the street, and a few house parties.


Once Christmas break was over (since Breanna finally turned 19 in December) we began to go out to bars together and dance, and we’d always have a blast altogether. From Kristen having the best flirting abilities, to Kate always somehow being mad at the end of the night, Breanna finding some guy to buy her drinks and the night ending with Shawarma, it’s no wonder that we’d always have funny stories to tell.

We all went on a lot of bad dates, and then told each other about them and laughed together. We’d get stressed out and help each other out when we were in tough situations, when things got emotionally rocky, when we missed our exes, when we got bad grades, when we were sick, when someone else was being a snake, whatever it was, we really did have each others’ backs.


We fought a lot about cleaning and dishes, but honestly, that was so minor compared to the amount of fun I had with these girls, and I wouldn’t trade everything I had for a lack of recycling bags in the hallway any day.

So the point of this point was to thank my wonderful roommates of my second year, and also because I’m alone in the last 45 minutes of being in my sucky student apartment, and the locked vacant doors feel like closed chapters, and I have a coldplay playlist playing and I’m probably going to cry.

Kristen, I’m so glad I became closer with you this year! I’m going to miss our song of the weeks, you being DJ Disco Kris, and of most recently, our sleepovers HAHA. I had a lot of fun with you, and you brought my more spontaneous side out this year, which is something I’ll never not appreciate. Even though I stole your music often, you reinstilled my love for music in me, and maybe I’ll become the shower singer I used to be once again. Thank you for coming with me on Sunday coffee adventures, and thank you for making the girls nights out the absolute best. I can definitely say every time I went out with you, I had the most fun! I’m going to miss you a hell of a lot, it’s hard to make a new great friend and then not see them for a while, but hopefully we can all reunite for New Years or sometime. I’ll be sitting here waiting, following The Paper Kites and Bears Den like there’s no tomorrow.


Kate, I can’t even explain to say how much I love your confidence, and how your personality was always the funniest thing that was much needed after stressful days. I loved helping you with cooking lessons, especially after that one cheese sauce fail. Please keep tagging me in raunchy memes, I love them and they remind me of our shawarma nights talking late and laughing every time. And your snapchats need to continue, please, they’re so funny. You’re carefree attitude literally saved me this year and I’m so thankful that I got to spend part of the year by your side.


Breanna, we’ve been best friends since last year and LOL god did we make each other mad this year sometimes. It’s hard to be around someone as similar as me, as much as I’m around you, and not bicker, but the times we had together were always fun, and I’m going to miss having someone to commute to Keele with, to study for language classes with, to irrationally buy too much coffee with, and to tell me to pull it together from time to time. I’m also going to miss our talks about life and then completely disregarding everything we just promised ourselves the night later. I’m going to miss your airheady-ness next year, and our discussions. I’ve had you around for half of my undergrad and I don’t know what it will be like without you!


To you three, good luck on exchange next year, I’m going to miss you all so much. We must have group skypes so I can follow on the French and Swiss journeys. I doubt I’ll be able to come visit, but I’ll say that I’ll try. Europe isn’t ready for you three.

Maisey, I’m so glad I met you. You are literally the funniest, most accepting person I know to this day and I’m so happy you’ll still be in Toronto next year to hang out with. Whether it’s Kensington trips, studying at the SLC or me visiting Neill Wycik, I’m sure we’ll be able to meet up. For the summer, I’m going to miss you and our hilarious nights we spent together.

Justyce, and after all of the goofballs, then there’s you. The little bit more serious one that levelled things out haha. I really, genuinely hope you can figure things out for next year. Whether it’s working or staying in school or staying at home, I ultimately want you to be happy and to choose something that will work for you and that you’ll love. Even though they were rare, I’ll miss our jam sessions with Josh, you singing and him playing guitar. Hopefully they can happen again next year. Always remember if you end up staying home in Pickering, you’ll be more than welcome to come visit wherever I end up living.

I cannot stress how thankful I am for each of you girls, you gave me the most fun, unforgettable year any college student could ask for. Good luck next year, good luck this summer, and I’m excited for our reunion in 4th year. I love you all to pieces. Ok now I’m crying, I’m assuming that means I should sum this up, but now it just means I have to go add photos in.

To everyone else reading this, do yourself a favour and for at least one year of your University Career, live with roommates. Experience messiness and undone dishes, enjoy roommate bonding in the living room, have sleepovers, study with them until dawn, have spontaneous nights out on the town with them. If you’re lucky enough to be like me, your roommates will become like siblings to you, and you’ll have made some amazing friends.

***disclaimer- I’m sorry Kate’s head is cut off in that photo I tried to format it but LOL.

Having roommates gets a bad rep, and I can tell you that hopping in on an apartment with a bunch of girls from A house was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Good luck with exams everyone,

And good luck with your housing search for next year, do take my advice x



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