Dating & Student Life Part 3 (finally I know): Things you need to know before dating a Glendonite

So we’ve talked about app dating and dating on campus, but we haven’t talked about what it’s like to actually date one of us. Maybe that person you matched with at 3am on St. Paddys day or even your long-term partner doesn’t really understand who a Glendon student really is…

Although everyone is always different, Glendonites are an exceptionally unique bunch of people. There are characteristics that every Glendonite has, that before an outsider dates a Glendonite, may want to know.

That being said,


  1. Will probably / most often be late because of the 124
  2. Will eat all of your food because they’re bored of caf food
  3. Are either 1) extremely lazy because they’ve worked so hard or 2) in a ridiculously adventurous mood because they feel the need to finally leave campus
  4. Will need most of your dates to consist of “study dates” and trust me, they genuinely feel bad about it
  5. Often found getting into heated political debates
  6. Will get angry / teach you a few lessons about cultural appreciation vs appropriation if you’re ignorant to it
  7. Will likely not befriend a Trump supporter (even our profs sorry not sorry it is truth)
  8.  politics donald trump trash election 2016 bobs burgers GIFPut Starbucks on a pedestal because all they have is Tims
  9. Will sing Frosh week cheers when bored (trust they know them all)
  10. All have the potential to be overtly outgoing, not afraid to hip thrust in public
  11. Beyonce and Stromae are the gods almighty
  12. Will want you to tell them cute things in other languages, hints: cheri/e, Cariño/aImage result for spanish flirting gif
  13. Will have a ridiculous urge to travel and probably want you to join in their adventures
  14. They ALL know how to get down to Soca and have a good time, so I recommend to practice your dance moves
  15. Are probably fit as ever since the gym membership is only $20, or not because pizza pizza delivers. But either way, whatever you’re into, we’ve got it.  people how know treadmill workout fail GIF
  16. Either love or hate being downtown, they could 1) Love the outdoor scenery Glendon has to offer and hate the lack of it downtown or 2) Love the bustling city feel downtown has to offer and enjoy getting off of our little campus
  17. Can only study in extremely loud places (like the breezeway) or absolute silence (the Glendon Library)
  18. Probably frequent more cafes than they shouldImage result for coffee addict gif
  19. Formal is the most important event and if you don’t go with them they will be disappointed and it’s all they talk about from January-April (even after it’s over)
  20. They will brag about their longer summer break (they will most likely be done early April)
  21. I’ve never met a group of people more “ranty” than us.

Of course, take these lightly. All Glendon students are individuals and bien sur we’re all different people, but we do have similar complaints and loves. So, know that I warned you before you began to date a Glendonite!

On another note, thank you all for reading my series, it means so much to me that y’all enjoy my humour! It’s been the most successful set of postings yet!

Goodluck with exams everyone, and if you’re reading this as a future student, I hope you enjoyed and are excited to develop into a blossoming young Stromae praiser, ranting trilngual, coffee addict dancehall get-it-lower. 

I really tried and that didn’t go well and that is OK.

See you all soon x


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