It’s unbelievable that the date I’m seeing on my laptop, my phone, and even calendar is 2017. I mean, didn’t 2016 happen so quickly? Especially amongst all the negativities that passed this year, I have an enormous amount of hope that this year will be a more positive and awakening year for all of us. I mean, ANYTHING can be better than the world monstrosity that was 2016…

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There were many goals I had in 2016 that I didn’t achieve, typical right? But this year I decided not to set one big goal, but to have a mindset that I could fulfil as time goes on. If I had to choose one word that would best describe the way I want my 2017 to be – it would be identity.

“But wait, Identity is not an adjective, how can you apply that to describing the year?” you might ask. Well for starters this is my blog and what I say goes (joking) but my self-identity has been an aspect of my life that I have recently started to pay more attention to, and my own identity is what I’d like to focus on for 2017.

We all have a different set of morals, values, career goals, hobbies, passions, people we want in our lives right? We all live different lives, we are all different people! So the questions I am asking myself are along the lines of : “Who are you really Krysta, who do you want to be

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10?
  • What cultures are you a part of, how do you make them a part of your life?
  • What goals have you set / how will you work on them?
  • What is your passion, how will you be implementing it into your day to day life?
  • Who are the people you want in your life? Why?
  • Where do you call home? / Where are you really from?
  • Do you love what you’re studying / Why are you there?
  • How were you raised  – > what are the values you now associate from that?

They are just questions that I ask myself every day, and that sometimes take a little bit of life experience and challenge for me to answer, but eventually I come to understand why I’m asking myself these things and that’s really just the fact that I’m growing up, and I’m seeing my life and myself on a bigger scale.

I want to be able to understand myself wholeheartedly, and although most of the time it’s tough, I think I need to pay attention to my own needs and wants this year.

I’ve started this in 2016 a little, by deciding to take Italian classes, by adding the D-TEIL Certificate to my degree,  by prioritising my family, by being more selective in who I want close to me in my life, by working harder every day in school and volunteering,  to eventually reach a grad or bEd program, by embracing the fact that I’m from Thunder Bay. And honestly, appreciating more each day where I came from and how I’ve been privileged to experience what Canada and the north have to offer.

I’ve been trying, and I’m excited to delve into myself and discover more about what I could be. So 2017- I’m coming for yaaaa.


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