Glendon- The ultimate no bullying zone

Elementary school and high school for me were dreaded places. They were places that made it easy for others to make fun of what I liked, or how I decided to dress, what rate my body was growing, how I tried hard in school, the list goes on.

In fifth grade I was called “free willy”, and people asked how many hamburgers I would eat at a time. In sixth grade, all the kids in my classes would laugh at the fact that I liked to sing. In seventh grade girls told me I was a bad hockey player and I was too slow, when I just wanted to have fun. In eighth grade I joined the green team and students told me I was a loser for wanting to save the environment. In ninth grade I liked a boy for the first time, and I was told he’s too cool or popular for me. I didn’t even know what to think, how could people just judge so hard? Why couldn’t I ever go to school with people who were accepting of who I was or what I enjoyed? This happened throughout high school too, and social media made it worse. I would try to make new friends from other schools, but everyone knew who I was, people know the people who made fun of me. I felt absolutely hopeless year after year.

Once grade 11 came around I focused on my exchange, my grades, and my student council activities until graduation. It was the hardest thing to do, but I’m glad I did it because now I’m here today at Glendon, and I am more than just happy.

If you’re like me, one of the students who always felt out of place in grade school, you’ll love it here. I’ve never felt more welcome in a community than I feel here. We have a really strong LGBTQ community, where acceptance and originality is not only promoted but pushed. People here are all unique and we embrace it. I can wear what I like and people will tell me that I look good, and they love my sense of style. I can smile at anyone here and they will always smile back at me. I can go into a class or sit down in the cafeteria beside someone I don’t know, I can introduce myself and we have a great conversation, and there is zero judgement. Glendon is a place where uniqueness is praised, and I’m in my glories being able to be myself after such a rough path. This may not apply to everyone, but because Glendon is so small, I knew absolutely nobody coming here for school, so it was up to me to establish who I was to others, and nobody could judge me based off of other people’s stories.

Glendon is the one place where I can try something completely out of my comfort zone, and other students will be with me every step of the way. There is so much help and guidance, encouragement and love to go around here! There are an extensive amount of clubs to join so you can always feel a part of the Glendon community.

If you ever come for a tour, try it out for yourself, and say hi to someone in the halls. Everyone here has a beautiful coeur de lion, and if there’s one place you belong, it’s Glendon.



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